Validated NES-containing proteins, functional NES sites and NES predictions

NES-containing regions
NES-containing proteins
NES prediction

Our NESsential paper is rated as a "Must read" article by the faculty of 1000 ** F1000 **

What is ValidNESs?

 A manually curated database of

 1. 262 validated CRM1-mediated nuclear export signals (NESs)

 2. 221 NES-containing proteins

 3. Additional information such as secondary structure of NESs and protein-protein interaction (PPI) of NES-containing proteins (when applicable)

 In ValidNESs, we also provide

 NES prediction, at the site and protein level, based on NESsential ** NAR site **

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 For our NES database, please cite:

 ValidNESs: a database of validated leucine-rich nuclear export signals.

 Szu-Chin Fu, Hsuan-Cheng Huang, Paul Horton, and Hsueh-Fen Juan.

 Nucleic Acid Research, 41 (D1): D338-D343, 2013.

 For our NES predictor, please cite:

 Prediction of leucine-rich nuclear export signal containing proteins with NESsential.

 Szu-Chin Fu, Kenichiro Imai & Paul Horton

 Nucleic Acid Research, 39 (16): e111, June, 2011